Webinar: Can computer simulations make transitions more successful?

14 October 2021, 11:00 - 12:30

- Online

Webinar: Can computer simulations make transitions more successful?

The third and final SMARTEES online seminar sets out to tackle the question “Can computer simulations make transitions more successful?” It will present and give you an opportunity to explore yourselves the SMARTEES Policy Sandbox Tool, a new tool that aims to help cities to foster their related energy and mobility actions.

The event will convene SMARTEES cities to share thoughts on the tool and the approaches used in the project, as well as their advantages and potential challenges.

This event is of interest primarily for local authorities, but might also be interesting for researchers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in local social innovations in energy and mobility transitions.


WEBINAR#3: Can computer simulations make transitions more successful? - Showcasing a tool to help foster your local actions

Thursday, 14 October 2021 11am-12:30pm CET



In addition to a panel discussion with SMARTEES cities, this event will feature two speakers:

  • Adina Claudia Dumitru (Environmental Psychologist & Director of Sustainability Specialization Campus in A Coruña, Spain) will provide an overview of policy scenario workshops that were carried out with pioneer cities and their importance for agent-based modelling and strategic urban planning.


  • Trevor Graham (Director at Urbanisland, Malmö, Sweden) will present the policy sandbox tool service options that are available for cities interested in support linked to their local transitions.


See the full agenda below:




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